Clarke walk-in tubs offer you freedom – from worrying about being able to maintain your self-care and independence.

As most people age, some loss of mobility and balance is inevitable.

This can make simple tasks like bathing and showering more difficult, or even dangerous.

Maintaining independence can make the difference between remaining in your home for years to come, or moving to a facility where care can be provided.

With a walk-in tub that eliminates the need to step in and out of a slippery high-sided bath, you can continue to enjoy a comfortable and sanitizing soak.

Your safety and privacy when bathing means you can age for longer in your own home.


Who is Clarke?

Clarke was one of the first companies in the US to manufacture shower bases and sinks out of acrylic. While fiberglass is the material of choice for most bath companies, acrylic is more durable and easier to keep in tip-top condition.

It’s no surprise that after 25 years in the business of bathing, this Texas-based company recognized the need for walk-in tubs. They make their walk-in tubs with the same high-quality acrylic they’ve always used in their manufacturing.

Clarke Wellness tubs come in a range of tub sizes. Buyers can choose between a compact tub, larger sizes for deeper soaking, and tubs for taller and larger body types.

Clarke Walk-in Tubs Products

Clarke’s Wellness range of tubs consists of five models that vary in size and shape. You can choose between a compact tub for a smaller bathroom, a wheelchair-friendly tub, deep-soaker tubs, or larger tubs for tall or bariatric users.


The Vitality is a compact model that fits the standard space your old tub leaves behind. You can add the optional extension panels and it will be a perfect fit. This is a great choice for small bathrooms, or family bathrooms that already contain shower stalls.

The Tranquility is a wheelchair-accessible model that is also space-conscious. It has an inward-opening door with an L-shape that makes getting in and out of the tub much easier for people with very limited mobility.

The Escape is one of few walk-in tubs on the market that’s designed with taller people in mind. It’s deep enough to allow you to soak luxuriously in comfort and safety.

The largest of Clarke’s models is the Rejuvenate. This is a super-spacious tub that lets bariatric users relax and unwind. Bathers can move over the low step and onto the wide contoured seat with ease and safety.

Each of these tubs comes with standard features. Customers can select a range of other features, like chromotherapy and whirlpool jets, to add on to their standard model.

Clarke Walk-in Tub Features

Clarke has a standard walk-in tub with various features included in the basic price. One of the standard features that caught our eye is the comfort gauge.

The comfort gauge with alarm is a temperature display that has an audible safety alarm. Its function is to help you monitor the temperature of the bathwater so you can ensure it stays within safety parameters. This is a useful feature for carers of people who can’t communicate easily if they become uncomfortable or endangered.

Standard features at a glance:

The Clarke Wellness tubs integrate a number of great optional features for bathers who want that luxury spa experience in the comfort of their own home.

Clarke products

You can opt for deep-massaging water jets, light, and refreshing air jets, or a dual system that incorporates both types of jets. While deep soaking in a tub is very therapeutic in itself, what could feel better than a whirlpool bath that eases away chronic pain and stiffness?

Chromotherapy (sometimes called Chromatherapy) is a system involving three 9-LED lights positioned below the waterline. This illuminates the water and has therapeutic, mood-enhancing benefits.  It has a keypad control, and bathers can select their color of choice, or opt for a rainbow effect.

The in-line bath heater maintains a comfortable water temperature by pumping the bathwater through a pressure heater. Standard tubs start to cool down after 20 minutes. With this optional feature from Clarke, you can relax in your tub for as long as you like.

Optional features at a glance:

Clarke Walk-in Tubs Prices

Clarke walk-in tubs are made of acrylic rather than fiberglass. This is more expensive than fiberglass, so it puts the tubs at the medium to the higher end of the pricing spectrum compared to other manufacturers.

The acrylic makes the tub shells extremely durable, and easy to clean. What you’ll pay extra in retail pricing, you’ll easily save on repair and maintenance.

ModelStarting Price
Wellness Vitality$4,579
Wellness Tranquility$5,433
Wellness Harmony$5,520
Wellness Escape$5,520
Wellness Rejuvenate$5,520

Clarke Tubs Warranty

Clarke tubs have a 5-year limited material and workmanship warranty from date of installation. Customers must organize their own plumbing and installation, as Clarke is not a full-service company.


Clarke offers a good-quality range of tubs. They have all the features that make bathing safe and pleasurable for seniors or veterans who want to maintain bathing independence.

We pinpointed two main highlights of Clarke walk-in tubs: the durable acrylic bathtub shells that require little maintenance, and the comfort safety gauge that gives both bathers and their carers peace of mind.