walk-in-tub-costsIt simply cannot be overstated that, for many people, the simple luxury of taking a bath has become a thing of the past. That feeling when you draw a steaming bath just wash away the cares of the day, after which you come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, age and mobility issues have robbed many people of one of life’s great but simple pleasures.

Traditional bathtubs were never really designed with mobility restrictions in mind. They require a degree of balance and coordination. However, with so many who are unable to walk, imagine the instant life-changing experience of suddenly enjoying unassisted bathing in a walk-in tub.

However, when it comes to walk-in tub costs, not only does independence become one of the most important considerations. Modern designs bring a spa-like experience into the comfort of your home too, making this a real investment that offers you the ultimate in comfort and safety.

Let take a look at walk-in tub costs.

Walk-in Tubs Costs and Installation Prices

Walk-in tub costs can differ vastly depending on the type of tub you choose and the company you choose to install your tub. Equally, it’s important to keep in mind that your home can affect the overall cost.

relaxing-in-walk-in-tubWalk-in tubs are big and your bathroom’s size and accessibility may affect the cost, while your home’s plumbing may also have an effect on the overall price. Moreover, if your surrounding materials are not up to the task, some modifications may have to be made in order for the tub to be installed.

Walk-in Tub Cost by Company

CompanyAverage LowHigh-End Models
Home Depot Walk-In Tubs Review$3,000$20,000
American Standard Walk-in Tubs Review Prices$3,000
Premier Care$2,000$10,000
Rane Walk-In Tubs Prices Review$4,500$6,400
Kohler Walk-In Tubs Review$4,000$12,000
Universal Walk-In Tubs Prices Review$1,500$8,000
Re-Bath logo$2,000$5,000
Clarke logo$2,000$5,000

The average walk-in tub costs anywhere $2,000 to $5,250 for a soaker model. The basic models, however, don’t support wheelchair accessibility and rarely include therapeutic features other than that of soaking.  If you’re interested in hydrotherapy features, you should be budgeting between $5,000 to $7,250. However, specialized and customized walk-in tub costs can come in anywhere from $10,000 and cost up to $20,000+ excluding installation costs. 

Minimum CostAverage CostMaximum CostNational Average
$2,500$4,100$20,000$3,850 - $5,300

Cost Factors To Consider

The features you choose for your walk-in tub will directly affect its cost. You can opt for a basic soaker, or go for some more luxurious. On the other hand, you may be looking for some extra safety features. Some of the extra features you need to consider for your walk-in tub include:

However, the most important factor that could decide your walk-in tub costs is the type and size you really opt for.

Walk-in Tub Types Cost

Tub TypeAverage CostMaximum Cost
Wheelchair Access$5,000$10,000

This does not include installation.

Walk-in Tub Average Sizes

Tub TypeWidthLengthDepth
Standard Soaker26" - 32"35" - 60"36" - 40"
Deep Soaker26" - 32"35" - 60"36" - 46"
Bariatric30"-36"35" - 60"36" - 46"
Handicap Access30"-36"35" - 60"36" - 46"

Medicare & Medicaid Coverage of Walk-In Tubs

Although it might be deemed a medical necessity for some people, especially seniors and others with limited mobility problems, original Medicare does not categorize walk-in tubs as an essential item.

“Medicare covers services (like lab tests, surgeries, and doctor visits) and supplies (like wheelchairs and walkers) considered medically necessary to treat a disease or condition.” – Medicare.gov

However, there are some instances where Medicare Advantage Plan, and Medicaid Coverage can assist with walk-in tub installations, so it may be worth investigating in your local region.