Walk-in tub

Whirlpool jets

Tub threshold


Grab bars

Drain and overflow kit

Inward door

Outward door

Industrial grade acrylic

Marine grade gel coat

Hand-held shower head


Low-step entry bathtub with door, built-in chair, and high sides

Air bubble jets built in for massage and pain relief purposes

The low-step for entering the bath tub

Cover for the vacant space between the wall and tub

Grip bars on the sides of the bath to aid and support bathers during entry and exit of the tub


System used to prevent flooding in bathroom by keeping water below certain level

Ease of access sealed door that swings into the tub as you enter

Door that swings outward - for emergency evacuations when necessary - also the more expensive option

 Fiberglass reinforced durable plastic coated with gel

This coats the bathtub, protecting it from any scratches and adds a pleasant finish to the tub


A fixed shower-head flexible enough to be moved in any direction for easy use