Few of us can deny the therapeutic effects of relaxing in a steamy hot tub. No matter what time of day it is, the healing effects of water is undeniable as you finally sit back in the bath to let your muscles relax as you soak away your cares and unwind.

Unfortunately, for many, an unassisted bathing experience is simply not an option.

Fortunately, however, with so many customization options, a walk-in tub offers the solution to seniors and those facing mobility problems who are longing for an unaided and private bathing experience.

Walk-In Tub Solutions

For many seniors and others with mobility limitations, the bathroom can be a dangerous place, and bathroom-related accidents are all too common.  More than 25% of people over the age of 65 falls in the bathtub every year. That’s more than one-quarter of all seniors who have a bathtub related accident annually.  Unfortunately, less than half actually report it to their doctors, even though most of the falls result in injury, some more serious than others.

walk-in bathtub

Who Needs a Walk-In Tub?

Walk-in tubs offer the solution for many who are faced with the reality of not being able to bathe without assistance.

Traditional bathtubs were simply not designed for people with specific needs, but with some innovative design, a walk-in tub makes bathing easier for both caregivers and bathers. And there are many tub types to choose from by some of the most innovative brands around that will offer you a safe, unassisted, spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. But, who really needs a walk-in tub?

Seniors Citizen

Unsteady feet on slippery surfaces can be a very nasty accident waiting to happen, and for seniors and individuals facing mobility problems, taking a bath can be tough.

Some even try to avoid it, but a walk-in tub can give seniors back some of their much-needed independence and dignity.

A walk-in tub can provide seniors with a superior product that is both safe and affordable, without sacrificing any quality.


Being a caregiver requires compassion and determination. Caregivers also try to ensure total safety and security for their 1. Both in-home and visiting caregivers can enjoy the benefit of a walk-in tub.

Obese People

Some innovative bariatric design has allowed larger individuals the freedom to take a comfortable, independent bath.  Sturdy walk-in tub designs are reinforced with the best materials and have specifically been constructed to make it safer for the heaviest individuals to enter and exit the tub with confidence.

Walk-in Tub Customization Options

Because bathtub safety is so important in preventing accidents, a wide variety of walk-in tub features have been created for the purpose of ensuring ultimate safety and peace of mind.

Walk-in bathtubs are designed for easy access with safe and secure seating. They are easy to get into and step out of.  Depending on your specific needs, the number of customization options you choose will require will be left at your discretion. There are tubs available for any type of home, bathroom, and budget.

With the correct safety features in place, your quality of life can be transformed almost instantly.

Walk-in tub features

Walk-in bathtubs are made from the most durable materials. Certified models come fully equipped with all the safety features including:

Therapeutic Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Hydrotherapy is a part of alternative medicine that involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment.  Today’s walk-in tubs offer a multitude of benefits by harnessing the healing properties of water to successfully treat a multitude of medical ailments.

With strategically placed jets offering adjustable pressure settings for gentle or vigorous massaging options alongside chromotherapy and aromatherapy capabilities, modern walk-in tubs are used to treat:


Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, has grown in popularity over the years. This type of therapy, however, has ancient roots and dates back to 2000 BC.  This type of therapy can affect the mood as well as the body, and is used to treat conditions like:


Several walk-in tub models from the top manufacturers on today’s market come standard with full aromatherapy capabilities.

Also referred to as essential oil therapy, this well documented alternative treatment uses essential oils for psychological and physical wellbeing.

Some of the most popular essential oils include:

Walk-In Tub Certifications

Walk-in tubs are modern designs that use both water and electricity. For this reason alone, the top walk-in tub manufacturers in the US ensure that their products pass the strictest safety regulations.

When purchasing a walk-in tub, be sure to check for the following certifications:

By ensuring that your tub complies with all the safety standards you will be assured of the quality and safety of your walk-in tub.

Walk-In Tub Warranties

Warranties offer peace of mind and give you confidence that you are protected against defects. Warranties can differ from one manufacturer to the next and can range anywhere from 5 years up to a limited lifetime warranty.

In general, most tub manufacturers offer at least 2 types of warranties. One warranty will cover the tub’s body, whereas the other will be for the seal that ensures the tub door remains watertight.

Most manufacturers also place a warranty on the hydrotherapy systems including pumps, motors, jets and more. It’s always advised to check on the warranty before you decide to make the final purchase.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Walk-In Tub

As with any products, there are a few pros and cons to consider before making a purchase of one of these luxurious tubs. Here are a few things to keep in mind:



The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you’re in the market for a walk-in tub, you’ll have a wide variety of options. And although you may not find the best deal to match your home as well as your pocket right away, there is a walk-in tub for every home and special bathing requirement out there. Be sure you are dealing with a reputable tub company, get professional installation, and you could enjoy your walk-in tub for many years to come.