For most people, hearing something like “Bathrooms can be dangerous” sounds like an exaggeration. For seniors and the disabled, it’s very real.

Even if your health is otherwise good, aging can bring mobility and balance issues.

Safely moving around a slippery bathroom can’t be taken for granted. One of the main reasons people have to move into nursing homes or assisted living centers is because of difficulty in self-care and bathing at home.

The importance of independent bathing for seniors is well-researched and documented.

When it comes to being able to bath in comfort and safety, walk-in tubs are a great option for seniors.

But now there are so many on the market, that it can be a decision to decide which tub is right for you.

Why Choose a Heavenly Tub?

The company is Utah-based and is a full-service walk-in tub retailer – meaning that they manufacturer, sell, install, service and guarantee their tubs.

Many tub manufacturers offer a full range of services. To stand out from the crowd, a company has to offer something special. A name like “heavenly” is a lot to live up to – so do they deliver on their promise?

In one very notable way – yes they do! Heavenly tubs have a big advantage over other walk-in baths on the market because they are portable. Heavenly tubs are fitted with six wheels on the base, so they can be moved into position anywhere in the home you prefer.

Relaxing in the tub

Heavenly Walk-in Tub Products

While plenty of fixed walk-in tubs are compact and can be fitted into a bathroom with limited space, it can still be tricky to install a new bath. You might have to deal with messy, inconvenient remodeling.

A walk-in tub with luxury hydrotherapy features can cost upwards of $6,000. You might feel some trepidation about installing a fixed, costly luxury item in your bathroom. What if you want to relocate?

Many seniors live in family homes with members of all ages and levels of mobility. Will there be enough bathroom space to fit in a specialized bathtub, and still accommodate other family members?

A portable walk-in tub can alleviate these worries. It can be placed wherever there is plumbing – even next to your bed, if you like.

Heavenly tubs come in the following portable models: the portable soaker tub, the Petite portable hydrotherapy tub, and the Deluxe portable hydrotherapy tub. Each bath has its own specialized features to suit every bather.


Heavenly Walk-in Tub Features

Safety features

Each tub comes with a handheld showerhead equipped with a temperature lock dial. This prevents extreme and dangerous fluctuations in water temperature.

The Heavenly tub shell is made of acrylic, that is protected with a bacteria and mold resistant fiberglass gel coat. Fiberglass is less expensive, but it requires a higher level of maintenance. For this reason, Heavenly prefers to use acrylic. It maintains its stylish glossy appearance for longer.

The door has a step-in threshold of 7” – 8.5” inches. The water-tight door frame is made of warp-proof stainless steel, so it will maintain its structure over time and stay completely water-tight.

All the Heavenly tub models feature inward-swinging doors. While an outward-swinging door makes the tub roomier and can allow for quick exit in an emergency, it is also under considerable pressure from the water in the tub. Stepping out of the tub also risks water spills, which can increase the dangers of a fall.

Comfort features

Heavenly’s innovative portable tub design has a quick connection water box that can be joined up to existing showerheads and faucets. It can be used wherever you have plumbing installed. You can bathe wherever and whenever you want, and leave the bathroom as-is for other family members. No messy remodeling of the bathroom required!

Your Heavenly tub can be used as soon as you get it home, and it can come along with you if you move.

The tubs’ hydrotherapy system is made of both water and air jets that massage muscles and joints for that luxury spa experience.  An air blower generates warm air while the tub is draining and filling. This is great for preventing a chill during the waiting period.

Features at a Glance


portable tub soaker

Portable Soaker Tub

Portable petite hydrotherapy tub

Portable hydrotherapy tub

Heavenly Tubs Prices

ModelStarting Price
Portable Soaker$ 6,495
Petite Hydrotherapy$ 6,695
Portable Hydrotherapy$ 7,995

Heavenly Tub Warranty

The stainless steel frame, door, door seal, and tub body are all covered by a lifetime warranty. The tub components, pumps, and air blowers are covered for three years.


While it’s easy to see that the most notable feature of the Heavenly tub is its portability, it doesn’t let you down on safety and luxury features.

A walk-in tub installation means that seniors can maintain bathing independence in the home for as long as possible.  Even better is being able to stay squeaky-clean and enjoy the benefits of luxury hydrotherapy and soaking – without the expense and inconvenience of bathroom renovations.