Lowes Walk-In Tubs Prices Review

Lowes has come a long way since 1946. This company has gone from a small hardware store to becoming one of the leading home improvement companies in the world.

They serve more than 15 million retail and professional customers every single week throughout North America, with exceptional products quality, such as American Standard walk-in tubs, Endurance, Ariel and many others, all considered industry leaders.

Walk-in tubs at Lowes also come from some of the finest brands around, making this company one of the top-rated establishments to select your type of walk-in tub for professional installation.

If you’re considering a walk-in tub, no matter what the reason, Lowes will have a walk-in tub to match your specific needs and budget.

Why Purchase a Walk-in Tub at Lowes?

People consider the installation of a walk-in tub for many reasons, with safety being the most popular reason. Walk-in tubs are specifically designed for individuals facing mobility problems with many safety features that not only make independent bathing possible, but luxurious and therapeutic all at the same time.

senior walk-in tubs

Moreover, independent bathing can restore dignity and allow you or a loved one to stay at home instead of moving to a facility where assisted bathing is possible.

Many consumers also purchase a walk-in tub for its therapeutic capabilities, including hydro- and chromo- and aromatherapy benefits to treat muscle pain and circulation problems. Walk-in tubs have been known successfully treat many chronic conditions including:

  • arthritis
  • joint pain
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • nerve problems
  • depression

Walk in Tubs at Lowes

Lowes offers some of the best walk-in tubs from some of the best brands around.

American Standard

The top American Standard walk-in tubs at Lowes include:

  • American Standard 52-in linen gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool
  • American Standard 48-in linen gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in whirlpool
  • American Standard 59.5-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool
  • American Standard 52-in linen gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool


The top Endurance walk-in tubs at Lowes include:

  • American Standard 52-in linen gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand Senior-Comfort-Walk-in-Tubsdrain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath
  • American Standard 48-in linen gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath
  • American Standard 59.5-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath
  • American Standard 52-in linen gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool
  • Endurance 30-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool tub
  • Endurance 46-in off-white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in whirlpool tub and air bath
  • Endurance 27-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in whirlpool tub
  • Endurance 30-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in whirlpool tub
  • Endurance 60-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath
  • Endurance 60-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool tub
  • Endurance 32-in white acrylic rectangular left-hand drain walk-in bathtub
  • Endurance 48-in white acrylic rectangular right-hand drain walk-in air bath
  • Endurance 27-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool tub

Safety Tubs

The top Safety Tubs walk-in tubs at Lowes include:

  • Safety Tubs 59.5-in linen gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath
  • Safety Tubs 48-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath
  • Safety Tubs 48-in biscuit gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in bathtub
  • Safety Tubs 59-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in air bat

Total Care in Bathing

The top Total Care Tubs walk-in tubs at Lowes include:

  • Total Care in Bathing 52-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in bathtub
  • Total Care in Bathing bs series 52-in biscuit gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath
  • Total Care in Bathing 47.5-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular left-hand drain walk-in bathtub
  • Total Care in Bathing bs series 60-in white gelcoat/fiberglass rectangular right-hand drain walk-in whirlpool bathtub and air bath

What to Consider When Choosing a Walk-in Bathtub

Walk-in tubs can improve and enhance the quality of life for you or a loved one almost immediately, but you have to be clear exactly why you are buying one before you go ahead and make that all-important purchase:

The basics

Walk-in tubs have been designed and can be customized with many features to ensure safety.

walk-in tub faucetsThis includes low-threshold, safety grab bars, non-slip surfaces, handheld shower-sprayer, ADA compliant seat and more.

The best walk-in tubs are manufactured in the U.S., so be sure to do the quality check with certifications, warranties, and return policies.

Walk-in tubs also have either an inward- or outward-swinging door, leaving you with the option that suits your specific needs more.

The tub size

Walk-in tubs are big, and they require professional installation. You have to be sure your home can actually accommodate the installation. A standard walk-in tub averages roughly 26 to 32 inches wide, and will generally fit into the same 60-inch long space as your standard tub without having to reconfigure the room.

Other important considerations

Remember, before you get to relax in the tub, you’ll have to wait for it to fill. In-line heaters and fast-drain technology make this less of a problem, and although not a deal breaker for most people, many simply don’t consider this part.

With some tubs, you may have to wait for several minutes before you can finally bath. Equally, the strategically placed therapeutic water jets offer many advantages, but they can be noisy too. Furthermore, walk-in tubs come with tons of optional extras, so be sure to check what exactly is included and not included in your tub’s installation.

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Best Walk-in Tub Reviews

One of the biggest issues you face as you age is staying safe in the bathroom.  The combination of water, steam, slippery tile, and hard surfaces creates an environment where you’re at extra risk for falls and injuries. In fact, bathrooms are so dangerous that roughly 235,000 people go to the emergency room every year with bathroom-related injuries!

So when even people with normal balance and mobility have to be very careful in this part of the house, seniors have to be EXTRA careful.

And that’s also why we are taking care of the best walk-in tub reviews – just to help you choose between the best there is to offer in today’s walk-in tub market.

Walk-in bathtubs are one of the most innovative inventions for people who want to age comfortably at home. They help people to maintain their privacy and independence. They have a host of safety and comfort features that help you maneuver in and out of the tub without assistance and with way less risk of injury.

If you’re shopping around online for the best safe bathing options, you’ll be aware of how many walk-in tub options are out there. It can be pretty difficult trying to figure out which one will suit your needs the best.

We’re going to look at a few of the factors that buyers look for when choosing a tub, and what you should expect to pay. We also investigated some of the top-rated tubs that have the most sought-after features in the marketplace.

What To Look For in a Walk-In Tub

Homes often need to be remodeled in various ways to accommodate the hydrotherapy tubphysical needs of occupants of various mobility levels.

The importance of independent bathing for seniors is well-documented.

But what factors should you consider when you’re looking for ways to make bathtime safer?

  • Safety is probably the #1 reason that you want a walk-in tub installed. The safest bathtubs for seniors have low step-in thresholds, are ADA compliant, and have slip-resistant floors and seats. They should have firm well-placed safety grab bars, and temperature control features to avoid burning or chilling.
  • Style and size of the bathtub are important concerns in shopping for a walk-in tub. If you need a specialized tub for bariatric or wheelchair-bound users, or your bathroom is small, or you want a convenient tub-shower combo model, make sure to pick a manufacturer with a wide range of style and size options.
  • Therapeutic features are sought-after by many buyers. Even if you’re otherwise healthy, getting older means your joints and muscles can take a beating just from everyday activity. Hydrotherapy is proven to be very helpful in relieving stiffness, or chronic pain from inflammation. Features like aromatherapy and chromotherapy can help to promote relaxation and mental health. Walk-in tubs with these luxury spa features don’t come at a budget price, but they’re effective in treating a host of body and mind conditions.
  • Water heater capacity should be considered when you’re thinking of installing a big new tub that uses lots of hot water. If you live in a family house with other members who bathe and shower, this is of extra importance.

What can you expect to pay?

Big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes will have a range of walk-in tubs with your exact specifications, at a lower price than you’ll find with a specific manufacturer. However, bear in mind that big stores don’t include installation in their pricing.

The cost of having a tub installed in your bathroom, depending on the scope of the job, can easily double the price tag.

The general price range of walk-in tubs is as follows:


Low-threshold showers and standard soakers

Air bath or whirlpool massage system

Dual-hydrotherapy massage

Wheelchair accessible and bariatric

Inclusive of all features plus luxury items

Price Range

$1,200 ~ $2,500

$2,100 ~ $3,500

$3,000 ~ $5,000

$4,500 ~ $5,000


The Top 6 Walk-in Tubs To Consider

We’ve put together six of the top brands and styles of walk-ins on the market in our list below.

  1. American Standard Walk-in Tubs

American Standard is a well-known brand that has supplied kitchen and bathroom fixtures to the American public for over 140 years. Their walk-in tubs are some of the top sellers on the market. They have received lots of positive customer reviews, and very few complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

American Standard tub prices are around the middle to high range of the market. They range from $4,750 for a soaker to over $11,000 for a combo whirlpool tub with luxury features. While not one of the most expensive tub ranges, they can still be too pricey for many buyers.

Here are the pros and cons for one of American Standard’s most popular tubs.

American Standard Gelcoat Premium Series 30×52



  • Outward opening door
  • Suitable for bariatric users
  • ADA-compliant grab bars
  • One-touch control system
  • Dual massage system
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Quick draining
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Commended by the Arthritis Foundation
  • A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau


  • Freight costs for return shipment
  • Sewage system might need modifying for quick drain function

Boca Walk-in TubsSenior-Comfort-Walk-in-Tubs-Best

Boca tubs have several great features which make them a top market seller. First off, they are built with an innovative frameless design that allows them to sit deeper in the bathroom floor. Because of this feature, they have a super-low step-in height of 3” – much lower than the industry standard of 6″- 9″.

The tub doors open inward but designed with a curve, so you can avoid having your legs squeezed when you get in and out of the bath. The tub drain system allows the tub to drain completely in under 3 minutes, and there’s an automatic self-cleaning system installed which minimizes bacteria and mold growth.

We especially like Boca’s two-seater tub. Who says you can’t enjoy a soak or whirlpool with a companion, just because you’re in a safety tub!

Diamond Elite Two-Seater Walk-in Tub


  • Extremely low threshold


  • Curved inward-opening door
  • 32″ width
  • ADA-compliant grab bars
  • Bidet in seat
  • Dual air and water massage system
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Quick draining
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Heated seat and backrest
  • Two seats for fun and water saving!


  • No prices on website
  • Extra plumbing required
  • Large water heater required
  • Large and bulky, needs manpower to install
  • Needs strong floor for weight
  1. Kohler Walk-in Tubs

Kohler is a US manufacturing company renowned on 6 continents for its bathroom and kitchen products. Its premier tile ranges are particularly popular with discerning householders worldwide.

With the company’s stellar global reputation, it stands to reason that their walk-in tubs are considered a luxury item. Of course, they have a luxury price-tag to match! At least you’ll be able to arrange a beautiful bathroom remodel to match your brand-new tub…

Kohler offers a varied range of bathtubs, from simple tubs to luxury baths with whirlpool and hydrotherapy features. They customize their tubs, so you’ll get exactly the size and style you want.

The Kohler Elevance walk-in tub has a unique rising side wall that eliminates the need to open and close a door.

Kohler Elevance Walk-in Tub



  • Extremely low 3” threshold
  • Curved inward-opening door
  • Bariatric models available
  • ADA-compliant grab bars
  • Dual air and water massage system
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Quick draining
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Heated seat and backrest
  • Wheelchair friendly rising sidewall design
  • Matching bathroom wall & tiling options


  • No prices on website
  • Quoted price of over $9,000 excluding installation
  1. Premier Care In Bathing Walk-in Tubs

Premier Care In Bathing is the UK’s industry leader in safety tubs and showers. Their range of products also has high sales and a great reputation in other countries, thanks to consistent quality and style.

Premier Care has an extensive range of tubs with innovative features and great versatility, which make them one of the higher-rated and most popular brands.

Bathrooms in the UK and Europe are generally fairly small, as many houses were built before it was customary to have a bathroom indoors. In more modern times, bathrooms were added on to the property, or built in an existing subdivided space in the house.

Even extensive modernization and remodeling can’t magically increase the size of the room, however. Bathroom appliances need to be scaled down to fit, and Premier Care has managed to create tubs that fit neatly into a smaller space, without skimping on comfort and luxury.

The Oasis walk-in tub is a perfect example of this innovative design. It’s one of the most compact tubs available, while also having a great deal of depth. It also has an optional shower canopy, so you can choose between bathing or showering in safety and comfort.

Premier Care Oasis Compact Walk-in Tub



  • Compact size
  • Outward-opening door
  • 5″ depth
  • Optional shower canopy
  • Dual air and water massage system
  • Chromotherapy
  • Heated seat and backrest


  • No prices on website
  1. Safe Step Walk-in Tubs

Safe Step is a Tennessee-based manufacturer which has become a leader in the safety tub and shower industry. They have a reputation for good customer service. They offer lots of rebates, discounts and tailored financing options. On top of all this, they also have a program that donates tubs to people in need.

Safe Step doesn’t have prices on their site, like most walk-in tub manufacturers. However, they include professional installation in their quotes, which makes it easier for you to budget for your new tub.

As many seniors are happy to age at home with other family members, combination shower-tub baths are becoming more popular. A combo shower-tub gives you and other householders a choice between having a shower or a bath. It saves space in the bathroom, and provides a safe and convenient bathroom experience.

Safe Step’s Hybrid tub is a perfect example of this combo style walk-in tub.

Safe Step Hybrid Shower-Tub Combo



  • Overhanging shower head
  • Foot massage jets
  • Extra wide door
  • Bidet in seat
  • Dual air and water massage system
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Quick draining
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Adjustable headrest


  • No prices on website
  1. Universal Walk-in Tubs

Universal tubs have a range of luxurious and therapeutic features like whirlpool jets and chromotherapy. They are also right in the middle-of-the-pack when it comes to price, so you’ll be able to get that luxury spa experience for less.

Universal makes a highly-rated tub for people who have very limited mobility. It’s a slide-in tub allows a wheelchair-bound person to move easily from chair to a built-in seat.

The seat is the same height as a standard wheelchair, and the door opens outwards completely away from the seat. This tub has a higher than standard step-in threshold, so it’s not designed to be a safe walk-in tub. It’s used specifically for wheelchair access.

Universal Wheelchair Access Tub



  • Affordable price – starts under $4,000
  • 42″ tall
  • Extra wide door
  • Air massage system
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy


  • High step-in threshold
  • One-year warranty on parts

What else should you know about walk-in bathtubs?

  • Are walk-in tubs expensive? This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many styles and brands on the market. You can expect to pay anything between approximately $2,000 and $8,000 just for a basic tub, without installation. The installation costs, including electrical and plumbing connections, are often around $2,000. If you’re planning on an entire remodel of your bathroom, expect your costs to increase even more.
  • Do you need a walk-in tub? If you have any kind of mobility issues, related to age, disability or injury, you can benefit from a walk-in tub.
  • Is a walk-in tub better than a walk-in shower? A walk-in shower is very convenient, especially in a family home. However, a tub with a safety seat and grab rails is safer.
  • What are the health benefits of walk-in tubs? Deep soaking can relax body and mind, while whirlpool jets help to massage away aches and pains.
  • What are the safety benefits of walk-in bathtubs? These tubs have anti-slip floors and seats. The seat offers support so you don’t have to lie or stand in an awkward position. Safety handles help you to balance when either entering or exiting the tub.
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Portable Walk-In Tubs Review

If you’re advancing in years, you probably know all about loss of balance and mobility. Bath time can be pretty daunting when it’s a little tricky to move around. There’s a lot of hard corners and slick bathroom tile to deal with!

It should come as no surprise that a walk-in bathtub is a fantastic addition to your home if you want to age independently, and with grace, for as long as possible. But what are the downsides of a walk-in tub installation?

Walk-In Tub Installations

When most people think of a walk-in tub, they picture something permanently attached to the bathroom wall and tiled in. They imagine that senior drying hairthe tub installation was expensive, took a long time, and disrupted the household. It’s an incredible thing to have in your home, but pricey and immovable. And if you’re selling your home, you’ll have to leave your prize bathtub behind!

Many seniors live in a home with family members of various mobility levels, or have a small bathroom. The prospect of a messy and inconvenient remodel that takes up space and time is probably not something that fills you with joy.

So is there an option for people who want the safety and therapeutic benefits of a walk-in tub, but not the hassle that comes with it?

The answer is yes! You can purchase a portable walk-in tub.

Portable Walk-in TubsSenior-Comfort-Walk-in-Portable

A portable bathtub is a fantastic innovation. It doesn’t need a messy installation.

It can be used as soon as you get it into the house.

It’s a space saver that can be moved into position when you want to use it, then stored out of the way when you’re done.

It can be packed up and put on a truck if you move house.

The tub can be connected wherever your plumbing is installed.

Have a great view from your kitchen or laundry room?

Nothing’s stopping you from enjoying a bath in those spaces if you want to.

Portable Walk-in Tub Features

There are a few safety features you should expect from any good-quality specialized bathtub. Some of these features are a low threshold, a leak-proof door, slip-resistant floor and seat, and ADA-compliant grab bars and fittings.

The main difference between a portable and tiled-in walk-in tub is the castor wheels. The bath moves on these durable wheels, that can be locked with a mechanism that stops the tub moving while you’re getting in and out. So you can choose a good spot for your bath, lock the wheels, and you’re all set.

Another unique feature of the portable walk-in tub is its quick-connection water box. It’s not a vital feature of the tub, but it eliminates the need for adjusting the temperature and flow rate of the water from the faucet. If you want to control the water temperature and pressure from the unit’s built-in dials, then it’s worth the extra $110 cost.

Heavenly Walk-in Tubs

There’s currently only one American brand of portable walk-in tub on the market – Heavenly. The price of these portable bathtubs ranges between safe senior bathing$6,000 and $10,000, depending on whether you opt for a standard space-saving soaker, or a luxury tub loaded with hydrotherapy features.

Heavenly tubs come in the following variants: the portable soaker tub, the Petite portable hydrotherapy tub, and the Deluxe portable hydrotherapy tub. Each bath has different functionalities to suit every bather.

Below you can see the different sizes and features of the various tub models:

Portable Soaker Tub

  • Dimensions: 29” wide x 52” long x 39” tall
  • Wheels on the base for easy moving
  • 7” – 8.5” step-in threshold
  • Left or right-sided door
  • Inward-opening door
  • Quick connection water box

Portable Petite Hydrotherapy Tub

  • Dimensions: 26” wide x 49” long x 32” tall
  • Wheels on the base for easy moving
  • 7” – 8.5” step-in threshold
  • Left or right sided door
  • Inward-opening door
  • Quick connection water box
  • 10 water massage jets
  • 8 air massage jets
  • 2 minute drain time
  • Built-in bidet

Portable hydrotherapy tub

  • Dimensions: 29”wide x 52”long x 39” tall
  • Wheels on the base for easy moving
  • 7” – 8.5” step-in threshold
  • Left or right sided door
  • Inward-opening door
  • Quick connection water box
  • 10 water massage jets
  • 8 air massage jets
  • 2 minute drain time
  • Built-in bidet
  • Extra-long power cord, water and drain lines

Heavenly Tubs Prices

A portable walk-in tub won’t suit a shoestring budget, but it’s not terribly expensive either. You should take into consideration what you’ll be saving on installation costs.

ModelStarting Price
Portable Soaker
Petite Hydrotherapy$6,695

If you’re thinking of buying a walk-in tub, it’s easy to see that the most notable feature of the Heavenly tub is its portability and convenience. But rest assured that it doesn’t skimp on safety and luxury features.

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Pedestal and Freestanding Tubs Price Review

edestal and Freestanding Tubs Price ReviewMost standard bathtubs are designed to fit next to the bathroom wall, often in a corner alcove of the room. Most homes already have a built-in tub in the bathroom, and homeowners just have to accept its position, whether they like it or not!

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and looking for alternative options, how about a freestanding tub? As the name suggests, a freestanding tub is designed to stand in the bathroom wherever you want to place it. It’s finished on all four sides, and can be an attractive addition to any bathroom.

A pedestal tub is a very popular style choice for freestanding tub buyers, as it’s a stylish option that suits most bathrooms.

Freestanding tubs are available in a range of materials, depending on your budget. Cast iron or stone tubs are traditional and can be very attractive, but they’re also more expensive and heavy. Marble is another material that’s used, but it’s a luxury material with a hefty price tag!

Most buyers tend to go for durable and reasonably-priced modern materials like acrylic or fiberglass.

Before we jump into comparing tub styles and prices, what are the general pros and cons of a freestanding tub?

Pros of a Freestanding Tub

  • Appearance. Most people who choose a freestanding tub do so because of its appearance. It makes a unique style statement that is often associated with luxury spas, and high-end hotels.
  • Placement. Freestanding tubs allow homeowners to use their bathroom space more creatively. Perhaps you’ve got a skylight in your bathroom, or a large picture window opening onto a private garden. You can put your tub in any position that makes the most of these features. Built-in tubs need at least two walls for their install, but with a freestanding tub you can let your imagination run wild!
  • Choice. Whether your style is traditional or modern, there is a vast range of freestanding tubs for you to pick from. Buyers can choose a claw-foot tub made of cast iron and lined in porcelain that’s fit for a royal palace, or a sleek modern egg shape in durable acrylic. Freestanding tubs aren’t limited by space or tiling. Their designers can be extremely creative with shape and construction materials.

Cons of a Freestanding Tub

  • clawfoot-tubPrice. Freestanding tubs are usually more expensive than built-in tubs, even though you won’t have to pay an installer. This is because they are designed to look good on all four sides, so the construction is more complex.
  • Size. Some freestanding tubs are very tall. They can be difficult for senior bathers, and others with mobility issues, to enter and exit. Children and very short people might also find this bath difficult to navigate!
  • Weight. Freestanding tubs can be extremely heavy. Even a relatively lightweight tub made of fiberglass might require a reinforced floor.
  • Shower. It’s possible to mount a shower over your freestanding tub, but then you have less choice in the tub’s positioning. You’ll also need a full wrap-around curtain, as the tub isn’t sealed against the wall. This can look very clumsy, and you’ll probably end up with water on your floor, no matter how carefully you shower!
  • Cleaning. A freestanding tub on feet has a gap between the bottom and the floor, which can be hard to reach for cleaning. This is where a pedestal tub has an advantage over a claw-foot tub, as it’s mounted directly on the bathroom floor, and water can’t pool under it.

Freestanding Tub Styles and Shapes


  • Single-ended tub. This is the most common tub shape, and features one rounded end which is sloped for lounging in the water. The opposite end is reserved for the drain and faucet.
  • Double-ended tub. These tubs have two rounded ends so you can pick which side you want to sit on. Two people can bathe at once, if that’s your preference! The drain and faucet will be centrally located.
  • Single slipper tub. This tub shape has one elevated end, and from the side it forms the appearance of a shoe or slipper. This type of bathtub provides comfortable back support.
  • Double slipper tub. These freestanding tubs are raised on both ends for reclining at either side. They are popular tubs in honeymoon suites, as they comfortably accommodate two bathers!
  • Clawfoot tub. These come in any of the above shapes, and give your bathroom a classic, traditional look. You have to clean the bathroom meticulously after bathing, as water can pool underneath and become a fantastic environment for bacteria and mold.
  • Pedestal tub. These extremely popular tubs are reminiscent of the Art Deco era styling, which has made a big comeback in recent years. The body of the tub rests on a plinth rather than on feet. The tubs also come in any of the shapes listed above.

Freestanding Tub Prices

Freestanding pedestal tubThe price of the tub depends on the style, the material, and the company you purchase from. Remember that a freestanding tub will be a little more costly than your standard built-in tub, because of its design features.

You can expect to pay from around $450 for a basic, no-frills pedestal tub, to upwards of $7,000 for luxury tubs from high-end brands. These prices apply to tubs made in the USA – once you start looking at customized or imported European luxury tubs, the sky’s the limit!

Some freestanding tubs have hydrotherapy or whirlpool features included, which increase the price. Hydrotherapy has proven benefits if you suffer from chronic pain or stiffness, or just want a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of the most popular freestanding tub brands, and their price range.

From $449
Home DepotFrom $645
Tub Connection
From $699
American Standard
From $955

From $998
From $1,190
KohlerFrom $2,469

Can Seniors Use Freestanding Bathtubs Safely?

While it’s true that walk-in tubs can’t be beaten for safe bathing, they don’t come cheap. If you or a family member has limited mobility or balance, there are some modifications you can add to your freestanding tub to make it safer.

  • Install proper grab bars – don’t rely on a lightweight towel rail for support!
  • Purchase non-slip mats for the bathroom floor and bottom of the tub.
  • Put a slip-resistant seat in your tub, so you can use the showerhead for safe, thorough wash.
  • Make sure toiletries are within easy reach.
  • Make sure the bathroom lighting is sufficient to see clearly.
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Bathtub For Elderly: 3 Best Bathtubs For Seniors In 2019

Walk-in bathtubs are a fantastic option for people who want to age comfortably at home, and maintain privacy and independence.

If you’re scouting around online for the best safe bathing options for your home, you’ll know by now how many types of walk-in tubs there are.

It’s enough to make your head spin!

We’re going to look at some of the factors that buyers look for when selecting a tub, and at the best-rated tubs that have the features they look for.

What To Look For in a Walk-in Bathtub?


Bathtub-For-Elderly-3-Best-Bathtubs-For-Seniors-In-2019This is the main reason to have a walk-in tub installed in your home.

The combination of decreased mobility and balance with slippery bathroom tile can be dangerous for the elderly.

A specialized bathtub for elderly people should have several standard features that make bathing safer and more comfortable than ever before.

This includes modern features such as a low step-in threshold, ADA compliant slip-resistant floor & seat, safety grab bars, and temperature control features.

Getting in and out of the tub has never been this easy, and unassisted bathing is possible for seniors and others suffering from mobility issues.

Therapeutic features

The aging process can take a toll on joints and muscles, even for fit and healthy seniors.

senior-walk-in-tubsHydrotherapy has been shown to alleviate chronic pain from inflammation or injury, and stiffness.

Other features, like aromatherapy and chromotherapy, help to promote relaxation and mental health. Tubs with these luxury spa features can be pricey – but aren’t you worth it?


This is definitely something to consider when buying a walk-in tub. Many seniors are on a budget, or have medical bills and other extra expenses to consider. An expensive installation, perhaps coupled with a bathroom remodel, can be a very daunting prospect for many.

Size and Style

The size and style of the bathtub are obviously important concerns.

Do you need a bariatric tub, or a deep soaking tub for a tall person?

Are you wheelchair-bound, and therefore in need of an extra-wide door for easy entry and exit?

You should look at tub manufacturers with a wide range of size options.

The 3 Best Walk-in Bathtub Brands for Seniors

We’ve picked out a few options based on the features you should consider as per the above list. We also looked at brand trust, user experience, and specific tub reviews.

American Standard Walk-in Tubs

American-Standard-LogoAmerican Standard is a highly respected brand name in walk-in bathtub solutions. They have supplied kitchen and bathroom fixtures to the American public for over 140 years. In fact, over three-quarters of U.S. homes already have American Standard products and fixtures installed!

American Standard walk-in bathtubs come in various models. They offer deep soakers, air and water massage tubs, and dual massage system tubs with both air and water jets. They also offer luxury features like chromotherapy.  A big plus for this supplier is that they offer free installation if you buy directly from them, and not through a third-party retailer.

American Standard also offers tubs with wheelchair access. Bathers who use a wheelchair need a wide outward-swinging door, so they can move with ease from chair to tub seat. Independent bathing is made easy and safe!

Price-wise, American Standard is around the middle to high range of the market. They range from $4,750 for a soaker to over $11,000 for a combo whirlpool tub with luxury features. They don’t come cheap, so this might be off-putting for some buyers.

One of American Standard’s top sellers is the Gelcoat Premium Series 30×52-inch outward opening door tub. It features a combination air spa and whirlpool massage system. It retails at $8,430 and is the perfect blend of safety, luxury and brand reliability.

Clarke Walk-in Tubs

Clarke logo

Looking for a safe tub to suit a bariatric user, with all the luxury features you could want, and at a reasonable price? Then a Clarke walk-in tub might be the one for you!

Clarke was one of the first companies in the US to manufacture shower bases and sinks out of acrylic, as opposed to fiberglass. Acrylic is more durable and easier to keep in great condition, so you can expect to save on tub maintenance costs. This is an advantage for a bathtub for elderly folks who don’t want the hassle and expense of constant maintenance.

The Wellness range comes in various tub sizes. Buyers can choose between a compact tub for a small bathroom, bigger sizes for deeper soaking, and tubs for taller and larger body types. Buyers can also choose their preferred luxury hydrotherapy options.

The Rejuvenate model from Clarke is a super-spacious tub that’s perfect for bariatric or very tall users.  It’s a spacious 32” wide x 60” long x 33” tall, and retails from $5,520.

A great safety feature of Clarke tubs is the comfort gauge with alarm. It’s a temperature display that has an audible safety alarm that’s triggered if the water temperature moves out of pre-set parameters.  This is a big plus for elderly or disabled users who might not realize in time how hot or cold the water is.

Tub King Walk-in Tubs

Tub KingWhether you’re shopping around for your own economically-priced tub, or looking for a bathtub for elderly relatives that won’t break the bank, Tub King offers a small but versatile range that will suit you.

You can buy a tub with dual air and water massage system from as little as under $3,000. Tub King is a US-based manufacturer, so there are none of the risks associated with buying a low-priced tub from overseas e-commerce companies like Alibaba.

Tub King has won the Best of Jacksonville award from the Chamber of Commerce 4 times since they began. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and received an A+ rating in July 2015.

The one drawback of a Tub King bath is that the company doesn’t offer an in-home assessment or installation service. They will undertake to recommend licensed plumbing contractors in many areas, however. 



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Four Styles Corner Walk-in Tubs Installation Prices Reviewed

Four-Styles-Corner-Walk-in-Tubs-Installation-Prices-ReviewedAre you thinking of buying a walk-in tub or a low-threshold shower, and remodeling your bathroom to accommodate your changing needs?

Then it’s important to consider which type of installation is the right one for your unique requirements.

The right installation will depend on a few simple factors, for example, who will be using the walk-in tub or shower, your bathroom size, and how big you plan your remodel project to be.

The four main types of tub installations are:

  • Freestanding installation
  • Apron front installation
  • Tile-in installation
  • Top mount installation

Freestanding & Portable Walk-in Tubs 

A freestanding or portable walk-in bathtub can be moved anywhere in the bathroom, or other rooms in the house, as long as it’s near the water lines.

Two-Seat-Walk-In-TubA freestanding is also a great space-saver for many homes. If you live in a family home with members of various mobility levels, this is a good choice of installation as it means you don’t have to replace the family’s standard bathtub.

Portable tub models can fit anywhere in your home as long as a water hookup is present. And best of all? You don’t have to undergo a messy bathroom remodel!

Advantages of freestanding walk-in tubs

Some of the tub models come with a host of luxury features, so you won’t miss out on the spa-like experience you want with a freestanding installation.

Moving house? This tub will come right along with you, and no bathroom remodeling required in the new home.

These tubs are very affordable as they only need to be connected to the water lines. Installation fees for a hydrotherapy tub can often cost you upwards of $1,500, so a freestanding tub will save on this expense.

Apron Front Installations

This type of tub installation has one side of the tub against the bathroom wall, with the other three tub sides exposed.  The space between the walk-in tub and the wall is sealed and waterproofed, so water won’t leak through the cracks and offer a comfortable home for mold and bacteria!

An apron front installation will suit you if you want to replace your current standard bathtub within recessing bathroom walls.

Advantages of apron front installations

You’ll be able to fit your walk-in tub into the space your traditional bathtub was removed from. Extension panels are often used to fill in the remainder of the space, as walk-in tubs are shorter than standard tubs.

Walk-in tub companies like Re-Bath and Kohler supply wall surrounds and other decorative options of different styles, along with your new tub. This gives you the option to re-do your décor and upgrade your bathroom at the same time as your new tub installation.

Tile-In or Corner Walk-in Tubs

Tile-in installations are a corner walk-in tub setup, where three sides of the tub sit against the bathroom wall. If you have a smaller bathroom, a tile-in installation makes the most of your available space.

walk-in tub faucetsYou’ll also be able to put a smaller tub in your corner installation, which saves you on costs, as smaller tubs are more affordable.

This type of corner walk-in tub installation will raise the selling value of your property, as you’re adding value by utilizing previously unused bathroom space. So not only are you saving money with this installation, you’ll make money from it if you ever want to sell!

This option won’t work too well for people who need a bariatric or wheelchair-access tub, because entering and exiting the bathtub will be difficult when it’s in a corner position.

Advantages of tile-in or corner walk-in tubs

Empty bathroom corners with a walk-in tub installed to turn the space into a versatile soaking and hydrotherapy area for seniors. Plus it increases the value of your property.

Top Mount Installation

Top mount installations involve putting a slip-resistant seat and floor system into an existing shower stall, or any space that can be used for sit-down showering.

This requires discarding some bathroom floor tiles, and sinking the shower stall into the space. Then, the gap between the shower, floor, and walls are closed with a waterproof sealant.

A senior will be able to step safely into these low-threshold showers and sit, without having to lift their leg over a high step, or stand while they shower. Wheelchair-bound people will be able to slide with ease onto the seat.

Advantages of top-mount style installations

These can easily fit into an existing shower stall without too much messy remodeling. Seniors and the disabled will be able to use these safe showers with little to no help. The importance of independent bathing for seniors and disabled people to enhance quality of life, can’t be overstressed!

Four Styles Corner Walk-in Tubs


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Walk-In Tub & Shower Combo

Four-Styles-CorneWalk in Tubs Installation Prices Review“Aging in place” often means designing your home to suit your needs as you age.

This includes features to assist your mobility in everyday life, like an access ramp for the front door, large-button phones, a walk-in tub and shower combo, and many other features specifically designed to assist seniors and people facing mobility issues.

Bathrooms can be particularly dangerous for older folks.

Confined spaces and slippery surfaces pose risks for people with mobility, balance and health issues. And stepping into a standard bathtub or shower requires stable balance and high leg lifts, often on damp bathroom tiles.

For these reasons, walk-in tubs have become the go-to option for people wanting to make their bathrooms safer. Walk-in tub and shower combo systems are a popular option for a number of reasons.

Walk-in Tub and Shower Combos

Most walk-in bathtubs feature a handheld showerhead that you can attach to a wall fixture, if you want to use your tub as a stand-up shower. In this case, you would also need to install a shower curtain or full shower enclosure around your tub – unless you’re OK with your bathroom constantly swamped in shower water!

A more convenient option for people wanting the dual tub and shower functionality is to buy a walk-in tub that’s already fitted with a shower surround and/or curtain. This type of walk-in tub and shower combo can be installed in one session, without any fiddly or messy extra details to worry about.

Depending on what type of walk-in tub you buy, you’ll have all the luxury spa functions of the tub (hydrotherapy, deep-soaking, chromotherapy etc.), plus the added benefit of a quick refreshing stand-up shower.

Who should buy this combo?

If you live at home together with family members of various mobility levels, the combo option can be a great space-saver. It’s suitable for seniors and the disabled, AND normally-abled people.

If you’re a senior with fairly good balance and mobility, the stand-up shower gives you the option of a water-saving shower, together with the benefits of low step-in threshold and safety grab bars.

You’ll be able to sit down during your shower, any time you feel the need. And of course, you’ll be able to have a long, luxurious sit-down soak or whirlpool bath whenever you want the therapeutic benefits.

Tub-Shower Combo Features

Most walk-in tub and shower combination models feature shower heads that you can hold by hand while sitting – or that you can fix to a wall-mounted stand. Walk-in tubs with shower options are available from all major brands.

The tubs have a wealth of safety and convenience options that you should expect from any quality specialized safety bath system. Most walk-in tubs already come with a showerhead. This option also allows you to stand up. It adds versatility to your bathing experience, but might be difficult to navigate with limited mobility.

Combo tub therapy features (depending on the tub brand and model you select):

  • Air massage therapy stimulates and nourishes your skin, leaving you feeling ultra-refreshed and clean.
  • Water jets give you a deep tissue massage, ideal for aching muscles and joints.
  • A showerhead allows you to relax under a luxurious fall of water.
  • A handheld shower want enables you to cleanse yourself in specific body areas, or rinse out your bath after use.
  • Right- or left-hand door opening allows you entry in the most convenient direction for the space you’re in.
  • Inward-swinging doors save on space and won’t bump inconveniently into other appliances in your bathroom.
  • The ADA compliant 17″ slip-resistant seat lets you relax in your bath, or sit down in the shower – whichever you choose.

Tub-Shower Combo Prices

Deluxe_Walk_In_Bath_TubDepending on the brand, you can expect to pay between $2,500 and $6,000 for a walk-in tub with shower enclosure and showerhead.

If your chosen tub has luxury whirlpool features installed as well, you can expect to pay upwards of $8,000. For a budget option, there are combo tubs available online for as little as $800.

These are generally available from overseas e-commerce retailers, and come with the usual issues attached to imported purchases.

Don’t expect any service or component issues to be resolved quickly – you’ll probably have to wait weeks for your problems to be addressed!


A walk-in tub and shower combo is a great option for buyers with various family members living at home, as they save on space. Bathers also get the option of a full luxurious bath or a quick shower, depending on requirements.

These combos come in a number of models and prices from various major retail brands. The downside? You can expect a fairly extensive remodel of your bathroom, compared to a normal walk-in tub installation.

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Re-Bath Walk-in Tubs Prices Review

Hydrotherapy-walk-in-tubsThe Baby Boomer generation is notorious for its independence and determination! Part of this comes into play as we get older, and want to age in place in the comfort of our homes for as long as possible.

This means that homes often need to be remodeled to accommodate changing physical needs. One of the most important factors to consider is the ability to bathe in safety and privacy without needing a lot of help from family or carers.

The Re-Bath company offers safe bathing options in the form of specialized walk-in tubs and showers. They have been operating since 1978, and offer extensive bathroom remodels – tubs, showers, flooring, walls, the works. This gives them a level of experience that other walk-in tub companies might not have.

They have received some mixed reviews from customers, but it’s worth noting that they’ve been referred to as the Cadillac of walk-in tub suppliers. Just like a Caddy, Re-Bath walk-in tubs don’t come at a budget price – in fact they’re one of the pricier options on the market.

If you consider that the company’s goal is to sell you a completely refitted bathroom rather than just a new tub, their price point makes more sense.

That being said, Re-Bath walk-in tubs are great quality and offer all the luxury features you want, to help you age comfortably at home.

Re-bath Walk-in Tubs Products

Re-Bath walk-in tubs are a mixture of both modern safety features and high-end design elements. Buyers can customize their choice of tub based on their specific needs. For example, you can choose an inward-swinging door to fit into a smaller bathroom, or an outward-swinging door for ease of entry and exit.

Re-Bath’s collection consists of models from four different product lines: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Buyers can choose the level of functionality they want for their tub. Whether you want a luxury spa massage experience, or a simple and safe soaking bath or sit-down shower, Re-Bath can help you out.

  • Re-Bath Walk-in TubsPlatinum Class: Re-Bath’s Platinum class has a dual hydrotherapy system, which is a combination of 26 air and water jets. You get the best of both worlds with this dual system – the healing properties of water massage, and the relaxing and rejuvenating properties of air massage.
  • Gold Class: Many of us suffer from sore muscles, lower back pain (often due to a herniated disc), and respiratory issues as we age. If you’re a senior or a disabled person, the 8 water jets effectively target your main muscle groups to offer relief from chronic pain and stiffness.

The system is arranged so that 4 adjustable jets aim at your lower legs and feet, and the other 4 massage your back.

  • Silver Class: The Re-Bath Silver class features 18 air jets. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, migraines or insomnia, the soothing and cleansing qualities of air massage while you soak can offer great relief.
  • Bronze Class: The Bronze model is perfect for a good deep soak or sit-down shower. If you want safety features but don’t require all the bells and whistles when you bath, this is the one for you.

Re-Bath Tub Features

All of the Re-bath walk-in tubs have wide 22″ outward swinging doors. The tub shells are constructed with acrylic and a bacteria-resistant gel coating. All Re-Bath tubs measure a generous 29” wide x 52″ long x 29″ tall, and are suitable for most body types.

Standard safety features at a glance:

  • Extremely low 7” walk-in threshold
  • Slip-resistant tub floor
  • ADA compliant contoured seat
  • Easy-to-reach faucets
  • Multiple grab bars

Optional therapeutic feature at a glance:

  • 26 air and water jet dual system (Platinum Class)
  • 8 water jets (Gold Class)
  • 18 air jets (Silver Class)

Bonus features

Luxury walk-in tubOther Re-Bath features include one-touch on and off controls, an integrated water heater, and a quiet water pump. The integrated heater keeps the water warm as it circulates, for the full length of your bath. The pump helps to speed up the filling and draining processes, so you don’t have to sit in the cold while you wait for your tub to fill or empty!

There are many ways to customize your walk-in tub so that it can meet your specific needs. You can choose from a variety of wall surround options, like natural stone or acrylic, and can pick bathroom fixtures that suit your décor.

Re-bath walk-in tubs come with a free in-home consultation, where potential customers can meet with a personal design consultant. The consultant will measure your bathroom, and discuss your bathtub needs and design ideas.


Re-Bath Walk-in Tub Prices

While it’s difficult to pin any of the numerous Re-Bath franchises down to even a ballpark figure for their various tub options, we’ve researched what various buyers have reported paying.

The company insists on giving you a full quote for your bathroom remodel rather than quoting for a simple tub install.

Expect to pay at least $10,000 for a hydrotherapy tub installations, which can rise up to over $22,000 for a full bathroom remodel.

Re-Bath Service and Warranty

Re-Bath walk-in tubs come with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, shell and door gasket. However, the faucets and trim kit are covered for only 5 years, and the pumps and electronic features are covered separately by CG Air Systems.


So what’s the bottom line – should you pick Re-Bath for your walk-in tub requirements?

Their limited lifetime warranty isn’t totally comprehensive, so you’ll have to do your homework on all the details of the warranty.

You’ll probably need to do a full consult to get a good idea of what you’ll be charged – which isn’t convenient for buyers wanting a quick solution.

However, customers looking for a full bathroom remodel along with their walk-in tub purchase should definitely consider a Re-Bath walk-in tub. The free design consultation will help you refine your choices down to the last detail. This can help you eliminate some of the headaches that other walk-in tub companies might subject you to, further down the road!

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Envy Walk-in Tubs Prices Review

Envy Walk-in Tubs Prices Review The Envy walk-in tub company is based in Arizona, but their products are imported from manufacturers in China and other overseas countries.

Envy tubs are some of the most reasonably priced on the market, and offer buyers great deals. They have all the standard safety features, plus a variety of extra options. You can expect to pay a great price for a tub with all the luxury features, especially if you take advantage of Envy’s special offers and discounts. So if you’re looking for a bathtub on a budget, an Envy walk-in tub is definitely something to consider.

On the downside, there is a lot of conflicting information about these tubs – they have a few good reviews online, but their service levels have received harsh criticism from some buyers. One major bugbear is that because the Envy tubs are imported, it can take weeks to get new tub parts delivered to the US.

We’ve looked at some of their best-rated tubs below, to give you an overview of what you can expect from this supplier.

Envy Walk-In Tub Products

Envy tubs come in eighteen different models, so you can personalize whichever one fits your bathroom space. Tub options include standard features like a safety grab bar, mounted handheld shower, and easy-to-manage temperature controls.


The tub shells are made in a one-piece construction from heavy-duty acrylic and gel coat, and a stainless steel frame.

Each tub has a watertight door seal, and low entry threshold. Water and air massage jets and chromotherapy can be selected as add-ons.  The jetted tubs also come with an extra bidet jet in the seat, to help you stay fresh and clean while you relax during your daily soak.

The Ultra series is Envy’s most sought-after product line. The tubs all have 6 whirlpool jets and 21 air jets, right or left door orientation, lifetime warranty on the door seals, and a 10-year warranty on all other components and fixtures.

The Standard Ultra

This Envy walk-in tub is a standard-sized model for users with smaller bathrooms, who don’t need extra width for bariatric or wheelchair access. The tub is 26” wide by 53″ long and 38” tall.

The Standard Ultra XL

This is a wider and longer walk-in tub, so users who want a more spacious bath can relax in extra comfort.  It is 30” wide, 60” long and 38” tall.

The Ultra Royale

The Royale is the widest walk-in tub in Envy’s product line. Its dimensions are 36” wide by 60” long and 38” tall, so it’s the ideal option for bariatric users that have trouble using traditional bathtubs. The wide door swings outward so you can easily access the slip-resistant interior.

Envy Walk-in Tub Prices

The most basic Envy walk-in tub model starts at a very reasonable $1,999.99, for the small soaker tub.  Going up in price range, you can expect to pay $3,399.99 for a standard jetted walk-in tub without luxury features like chromotherapy or in-line heating.

Even with luxury features installed, Envy’s Tuesday savings offers can get you a tub with all the luxury features you want for as little as $3,899.

Base prices for our reviewed models:

Standard Ultra



26" x 53" x 38"


  • Low step-in height
  • Textured anti-slip floor
  • Safety grab bar
  • Handheld shower 
  • Touchpad control 

Standard Ultra XL


30" x 60" x 38"

  • Low step-in height
  • Textured anti-slip floor
  • Safety grab bar
  • Handheld shower 
  • Touchpad control 

Ultra Royale


36" x 60" x 38"

  • Low step-in height
  • Textured anti-slip floor
  • Safety grab bar
  • Handheld shower 
  • Touchpad control  

Optional therapy and comfort features at a glance:

  • Hydrotherapy air and water massage systems
  • In-line water heaterhydrotherapy-bathing
  • Bidet jet in the seat
  • Ozonator to help eliminate bacteria
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Head and neck rest
  • Heated backrest

Envy Walk-in Tub Warranty and Service

Envy has a warranty of 10 years on their walk-in tub shells and fixtures, and a limited lifetime warranty on the door seal.

The warranty is standard for most walk-in tub manufacturers, but it’s their service levels that have caused some outcry in the market. As the products are imported, it can take weeks from time of ordering for the bathtub to be installed in your home.

On top of this, the tubs are not UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certified, so many plumbing or electrical companies will not undertake the installation of the bathtub due to liability factors.

Envy walk-in tub warranty policy also mentions that replacement parts for their products can take from 2 to 8 weeks to re-enter their stock. Therefore, any issues that arise can take a long time to resolve.

Finally, Envy charges a $25 handling fee on any parts it needs to import from its overseas suppliers. Compared to tub manufacturers who are US-based, this might seem like a steep and risky proposition.



Should you buy an Envy walk-in tub or not?

These tubs are affordably priced, and you can get a decent bath with fantastic features for about half the price that some other manufacturers charge. If budget is the main factor in your purchasing decision, these bathtubs are worth looking at.

If you want top-of-the-range service and speedy responses to any issues or queries you have, then you should probably look elsewhere. The information available all points to Envy being unable to satisfy its customers quickly, with any problems they might have.

As with many quality but low-cost items you can buy from an overseas market – have friends or family who can help you install and maintain the product without charging you an arm and leg! After all, you’re getting a luxury bathtub with all the features you want for a lower price, right?

You’ll probably be better off looking at a US-manufactured affordable product, like a Universal walk-in tub.  At least you’ll probably get a faster response if things go wrong. The Envy tubs are worth considering, but might be too fraught with potential issues for most buyers.


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Hydro Dimensions Walk-In Tubs Prices Review

Hydro-Dimensions-Walk-In-Tub-Prices-ReviewHydro Dimensions are veterans of the bathtub industry, in operation since 1983. They started out by designing safety components and hydro massage features for other bathtub companies.  By 2002, Hydro Dimensions had teamed up with the Safety Tubs company. They worked together to design and manufacture early models of walk-in bathtubs.

Hydro Dimensions has a range of 16 walk-in tubs. All the models have the standard safety features you expect from a walk-in tub: low walk-in entry door, safety grab bar, built-in seat, easy-to-reach chrome faucet, hand-held shower, and anti-slip floor.

So what makes Hydro Dimensions stand out from the crowd? Their walk-in tubs are in the higher price range of the market, but they offer a range of sizes that suit the needs of any body type. They also have plenty of pampering features and customizable fittings for your tub and bathroom. They definitely don’t skimp on luxury!

With Hydro Dimensions, you can enjoy a one-stop shopping experience with everything that you need if you’re thinking of buying a new bathtub.

Hydro Dimensions Products

walk-in-tubsHydro Dimensions manufactures both standard and specialized tubs. Their standard walk-in tubs range from simple soakers that fit into any sized bathroom, to deep and wide models for luxurious bathing. These have standard features similar to most walk-ins on the market.

Their specialized tub is designed specifically for wheelchair users, who need extra door width to get in and out of the tub easily.

Here we’re going to look at some of their top-selling tubs, and give you an overview of what you can expect from Hydro Dimensions.

Model 3060L

This walk-in model measures 30” wide by 22” tall, and is a full 60” in length. It doesn’t feature a built-in seat – it’s designed for people who like to lie down fully in the bathtub for a luxurious soak or hydro massage.

However, it still offers bathers the safety advantage of a low-step walk-in door, so you don’t have to risk a fall as you would with a standard step-in tub.

The tub has a choice of water or air massage jets for that luxurious spa-like feeling, but no dual massage system. Don’t be put off by this, though – the lower profile and the smaller body of the tub means you pay less.

This bathtub is very versatile for households with family members of various mobility levels. Bathers without mobility issues can choose to seal the walk-in door and use the tub as a conventional step-in bath.

Model 3052W

hydro-dimensions-walk-in-tubsThis walk-in bathtub measures 30” wide by 52” long by 40” tall.  Its specialty feature is an extra-wide door, which suits people who face extreme challenges getting in and out of a standard walk-in bathtub.

The extremely wide L-shaped door swings right out, leaving the built-in seat completely accessible to wheelchair users. Bathers can slide right onto the seat from their chair without hassle. Whether you’re a wheelchair user wanting to maintain bathing independence, or a carer who wants to minimize lifting, this tub is one of the most convenient and easy to use on the market.

Model 3155D

This bathtub is built extra deep and wide. The dimensions are a generous 31” wide by 55” long by 45” tall, and the tub has an enormous 39” of soaking depth. It’s a perfect walk-in tub for bathers over 6’ tall, or bariatric users who want to enjoy some extra space.

This tub is also great for users who like to use their walk-in tub for a quick sit-down shower. The extra width and depth gives you more elbow room for a thorough cleansing spray, and helps prevent water spilling onto the floor.

Hydro Dimensions Walk-in Tub Features

These tubs all have similar basic features. Here you can see them at a glance:

  • Fiberglass shell
  • Glossy gelcoat finish
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 6 leveling legs on base
  • Polished chrome faucets
  • Safety bar
  • Fast flow faucet (up to 18 gallons per minute)
  • Cable-operated waste and overflow system

You can choose from the optional features and customize your walk-in tub exactly how you want. A deep soaking tub can help you feel weightless and alleviate pressure on the body. A tub with air or water massage jets, or a combination of both, can work wonders for ailing or elderly folks looking for relief. This kind of hydrotherapy has been shown to decrease pain in joints and muscles, improve circulation, elevate mood, and alleviate congested airways.

Optional features you can choose from are as follows:

  • Hydromassage (water, air or dual systems)
  • Customized jet placementAromatherapy-bath-tub
  • Heated Backrest
  • UV Sanitization
  • Ozone Sanitization
  • High-speed drainage (about 85 seconds)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromotherapy
  • Customized faucet and fixture packages

Hydro Dimensions walk-in tubs also offer accessories that are fitted to suit your choice of tub, such as a shower slide bar, shower rod and curtain, headrests, and wall kits.

Hydro Dimensions Walk-in Tub Prices









Standard Soaker

Hydro Massage 

Air Massage

Standard Soaker

Hydro Massage

Air Massage

Air & Hydro 

Standard Soaker

Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage

Air Massage

Air & Hydro 


$ 6,517

$ 8,664

$ 8,764

$ 8,330

$ 9,957

$ 10,060

$ 11,514


$ 9,957

$ 9,957

$ 10,060

$ 11,514

Hydro Dimensions Certifications and Warranty

The walk-in bathtubs are tested to IAPMO standards (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials), and the bathtub shell is covered by the UPC Certification (Universal Plumbing Code).

Every system is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed, which covers the electrical portion of the hydro and air massage therapy systems.

The company offers a 10-year limited warranty on the therapeutic systems, and a limited lifetime warranty on the tub shell, frame and door seal.


Hydro Dimensions tubs are slightly more higher-priced in the market, and any optional extras you want can quickly add up in costs. They don’t offer an installation service as part of their package, so you’ll have to organize with your own plumber.

On the plus side, if a wide range of choice is what you’re looking for, Hydro tubs will have what you need. They have a lot to offer in the way of customized fixtures and extra features, so you can be assured of a high level of luxury for the price you pay.


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